Why the pharmaceutical industry will use peristaltic pumps?

In the filling industry, pharmaceutical filling is sometimes separated because its requirements for hygiene and precision are higher than those of other industries. Among most pump products, the peristaltic pump is a good choice because its characteristics can meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry. Here is a detailed introduction.

Advantages of peristaltic pump

1. Hygienic, pollution-free, high temperature resistant

From the working principle of the pump, we can know that the liquid transported is transmitted through the hose and does not contact with the outside world. Therefore, the pump pipe has a variety of certifications (such as GMP, USP Class VI, FDA, NSF and other clean certifications). It is non-toxic, odorless, yellow and transparent. It can be used for high-temperature disinfection, radiation, sterilization and other cleaning methods. In addition, the hose is generally made of silica gel, which can withstand high temperature and low cold.

2. High repeatability and easy control

The number of rollers in the pump head is constant. The volume of extrusion is constant every time the pump rotates. Therefore, the repeatability accuracy can be achieved. The precision of the Rafer pump can reach 1%. Therefore, in view of this advantage, the peristaltic pump is also called a constant flow pump. According to different customer needs, RAVER designs distribution type, speed regulating type and flow peristaltic pump, which is convenient for users to choose according to different conditions.

3. Corrosion resistance

The pump can deliver various liquids through pump hoses of different materials without causing liquid pollution. However, ordinary pumps may suffer from corrosion of accessories due to the contact of impeller and other accessories with liquid.

Application of peristaltic pump in pharmaceutical industry

There are two important parameters to be guaranteed during pharmaceutical filling, namely, filling time and precision.

Filling time: the flow rate can be controlled by the Leifu adjustable speed peristaltic pump to achieve the required time.

Filling accuracy: the filling accuracy of peristaltic pump has experienced three stages of development: the first stage is time control, and the filling accuracy is low; The second stage is pulse control, which has greatly improved the accuracy compared with the time control. However, due to the pulsation phenomenon of the peristaltic pump, the filling volume still fluctuates periodically within a certain range. The third stage is the micro rise peristaltic pump of RAVER. RAVER WSP3000 micro rise peristaltic pump is mainly used for high-precision filling of various aqueous solutions, and the filling volume range is 1 μ l~3000 μ l. It has the advantages of good accuracy, high repeatability, high efficiency, high cleanliness, convenient maintenance and simple operation, and can be used manually and automatically.

Functions and characteristics of micro lift peristaltic pump

•High filling accuracy, error can be less than ± 0.2%

•Modular design, convenient expansion, small size, multiple pumps can be cascaded to form a multi-channel filling system

•The man-machine interface directly inputs the liquid volume parameters, which is easy to operate

•High precision servo motor drive, high torque, maintenance free

•Rotary pressure pipe structure, high working efficiency

• Low pump pipe loss, service life up to 1000 hours, and inventory attenuation within 1% after 12 hours of continuous operation

•It has the function of suction back and zero dripping; Immediate shutdown

•Materials only contact clean pipelines, without dead corners, easy to disassemble, easy to clean and sterilize, and support CIP and SIP

•The pipeline is not easy to block, and it can easily deal with materials that are easy to precipitate and have a certain viscosity, such as magnetic bead liquid and glycerin

•It can be operated manually or used with automatic production line

•Multi roller precise positioning technology, rotary operation, perfect combination of precision, efficiency and stability