Tips for operating peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump is a high-precision fluid transmission device. In daily operation, we can greatly improve our experience by noticing some small details. Let’s explore together.

1. The connector and diameter of the pump tube line shall not be lower than the diameter of the clamp tube installed on the pump head. Because the suction is caused by the rebound of the tube, if the tube, especially the inlet tube, is too long or the diameter becomes smaller, the suction end resistance will be too large, and the rebound of the pump tube will be blocked if the resistance is too large, so the actual flow delivered will be greatly lost, and vice versa.

2. Use the special tube for the Lead Fluid peristaltic pump. Because the extrusion tube used on the peristaltic pump needs good compression resilience and tear resistance, the material purity of these pump tube is high, and the wall thickness and shape accuracy are high.

3. When selecting the model, on the premise of meeting the flow rate, try to select the one with lower speed. Because the flow is generated by the rotation of the pump head, the faster the rotation is, the shorter the pump tube will be used. Therefore, if you want the pump tube to be used for a longer time, you can choose a pump with a larger tube diameter as much as possible to reduce the pump speed.

4. During model selection, the selected flow shall be greater than the required flow, because the selected flow is generally tested with water. If the transmitted liquid has a high viscosity, it will cause some actual flow loss, so it is recommended that the selected flow be greater than the actual flow.