Explosion-Proof Pumps


Purpose Of Explosion-proof Pumps

Explosion-proof pumps, also known as hazardous location pumps, are specifically designed to operate safely in environments where combustible gases, vapors, or dusts are present.

Wide Range Of Applications Of Lead FLuid Explosion-Proof Pumps

  • Oil and Gas Industry – Including crude oil transfer, fuel handling, offshore platforms, refineries, and petrochemical plants.
  • Mining and Extraction – Employed for dewatering, slurry handling, and mine drainage.
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries – Used for the safe transfer of volatile liquids, solvents, and hazardous chemicals.
  • Manufacturing and Industrial Processes – Such as paint and coatings, automotive, electronics, and food processing.
  • Wastewater Treatment – Utilized for the handling and transfer of flammable liquids, chemicals, and wastewater in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Lead Fluid – A Leading Explosion-proof Pumps Manufcturer And Supplier From China

  • Lead Fluid Technology Co., Ltd., established since 20 years ago, is a forward-thinking technology company.
  • We are specializing in the research and development as well as the production of peristaltic pumps, gear pumps, syringe pumps, and ODM pumps.
  • Lead Fluid has obtained esteemed certifications including ISO9001, CE, ROHS, and REACH.
  • At Lead Fluid, we are supported by a team of highly skilled professionals. Our dedicated technical team, quality control team, and after-sales teams.

LEAD FLUID Pumps Explosion-proof Type Features Excellent 5 Points

  1. Industrial grade explosion-proof motor (ExdIIBT4), with special pump head LEAD FLUID designed.
  2. Integral design, no frequency converter required With manual adjust speed.
  3. IP55 to more complex working environment.
  4. Installation with high compatibility such as kinds of pump heads and tubes.
  5. Handwheel may control the speed of pumps.