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Peristaltic pump is a kind of precise controllable flow rate fluid transmission and processing equipment. It has high flow control accuracy, time controllable, simple operation and easy maintenance, good mixing uniformity, and can achieve corrosion resistance according to the characteristics of different tubing and materials. No contact with the pump body can avoid cross-contamination and other characteristics. Now it is more and more widely used in laboratory industries.

Why are peristaltic pumps widely used in the laboratory ?

● Provide low-speed, stable and accurate liquid to the reactor in chemical experiments and small production. Generally, it is required to transmit one or more solutions of different components at the same time, and the respective speeds are also different.

● There are many kinds of solutions, many of which are highly corrosive or toxic, and the pumps are required to be corrosion resistant and have strong applicability.

● Some customers require that the flow can be directly displayed and controlled. Compared with the conventional speed-variable peristaltic pump, the operation is simpler and more convenient.


A complete product line, a strong technical team, and rich application experience can ensure that we provide customers with complete, reliable and reasonable solutions:

● Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can easily provide a single channel flow rate 0.0001-13000ml/min dripping acceleration.

● Peristaltic pumps with multiple functions can be selected: speed variable type, flow type and quantitative timing type to meet different needs.

A single peristaltic pump can simultaneously transmit 1-36 channels of liquid.

● For different liquid components and characteristics, different tubings, pump heads, and pump body materials can be provided.

● For special test requirements such as high pressure, high viscosity, super corrosion, you can choose Lead Fluid gear pump and high pressure peristaltic pump.

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