What’s the mystery of syringe pump

Syringe pumps are widely used in various industries, especially in laboratory. They can accurately transport various liquids in small quantities.Lead Fluid syringe pump can assembly 1 to 10 plastic syringes or gas tight syringes,multiple working mode options. They have color LCD touch screen, convenient operation and support screen lock, key mute operation.Let’s explore the mystery of the syringe pump.


#What is syringe pump?

Syringe pump is an intelligent injection device, which can deliver fluid accurately, uniformly and continuously. It can strictly control the fluid consumption, ensure the optimal effective concentration of fluid, reasonably adjust the fluid injection speed, and continuously deliver various fluids.


#How does the syringe pump work?

To understand the working principle of the syringe pump, you must first understand the component structure of the syringe pump. The syringe pump is composed of a stepping motor and its driver, a screw rod, a syringe, etc.

When the syringe pump is working, the control system sends a pulse control signal to make the stepping motor work, and the stepping motor drives the screw rod to rotate, pushing the piston of the syringe to inject and deliver liquid.

How does the syringe pump control the flow? By setting the rotation speed of the motor, the rotation speed of the screw can be controlled, and then the advance speed of the screw to the syringe pin can be adjusted to determine the liquid flow.


#Unique advantages of syringe pump

Each pump has its unique advantages. What are the characteristics of the syringe pump~

*Compact and easy to operate: high-definition LCD touch screen operation, users can easily input flow parameters. Small size, less floor space.

*Pulsatile free conveying: the whole process moves at a uniform speed, the operation is stable and pulseless, and the operation speed is wide.

*Suitable for small capacity liquid transportation: the precision is higher when small capacity liquid transportation, and the liquid preparation is more flexible.


#The injection pump is suitable for the application industry

Syringe pumps are widely used in all walks of life. In the laboratory, they can be used in mass spectrometry, microfluidic, stereotactic injection and other scenes; In clinical medicine, it can be used for neonatal nutrition supply, blood transfusion, anticoagulant solid and anesthetic liquid infusion and other scenarios; It can also be used in the fields of electrostatic spinning, industrial conveying, etc.

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