What are the reasons for the breakage of the peristaltic pump tube?

1、Peristaltic pump tube is broken

Appearance: Observe the damaged part of the pump tube: cracks appear, like being scratched by a sharp object, Usually found in the pump head.

Reason: This is usually because the runner flange of the pump head has slipped. It is because the peristaltic pump tube is too long in the pump head, which causes the pump head to run when it is running. The edge of the rotor is touching the hose, under constant friction, The bursting phenomenon usually occurs within a few minutes, A lot of pump tube residue is produced after a burst.

Solution: 1)Straighten the peristaltic pump tubing so that it fits the tube inside the pump

                  2)Hold the hose with the clamp on the pump head, mainly to prevent the pump from moving

2、Peristaltic pump tubing is completely squashed

Appearance: Pump tube is squashed、Unable to spring back and the pump tube becomes thinner, mainly reflected in the loss of the surface

Reason: Generally, it is caused by impurities or hard substances stuck on the rotor, or residues on the compacts and the temperature is too high.

Solution:  1)Since the wear of the pump tube is caused by the friction of the pressure block or the rotor, the two can be cleaned before use to ensure smoothness.

                   2)High temperature is divided into two cases: One is the temperature of the working environment, Another is that the speed is too high. If it is the work environment, It is necessary to consider whether to replace the high temperature resistant pipe. If the rotation speed is too high, consider reducing the rotation speed.

3、Peristaltic pump tube becomes hard and brittle

Appearance: The pump tube becomes hard, brittle, elastic and swollen

Reason: The liquid being transported needs to be checked to see if it is corrosive and what material will it react to.

Solution: For different liquids, there are different peristaltic pumps with different options, and it is impossible to generalize.