What is the difference between laboratory peristaltic pump and other industry peristaltic pump?

Peristaltic pumps, many people think of equipment used in laboratories. It is a laboratory peristaltic pump. Think that only laboratories will use peristaltic pumps, In fact, it is also widely used in other industries, just because it was used earlier in the laboratory. What is the difference between laboratory peristaltic pump and other industry peristaltic pump.

Laboratory usage scenarios

Laboratory space is generally limited, too much equipment cannot be stored, and there are certain restrictions on the size of equipment. Therefore, peristaltic pumps are generally small in size, but because they are used for many application, the function have to be powerful. Lead Fluid peristaltic pump, LEAD FLUID has 4 types of peristaltic pumps, about 130 model products, all of them are self-developed, mainly involving precision pumps, covering laboratories and industrial markets.

1. Speed-variable peristaltic pump: It has the basic control functions of a peristaltic pump, displaying speed, start and stop, direction, speed adjustment, filling and emptying, power-down memory, external control input and other functions.

2. Flow-type peristaltic pump: In addition to basic functions, functions such as flow display, flow calibration, and communication are added.

 3. Dispensing peristaltic pump: In addition to basic control functions, it adds functions such as flow display, flow calibration, communication, liquid volume dispensing, suction, and output control. Explosion-proof type, pneumatic type

4. OEM (Customized) peristaltic pump: With a series of peristaltic pump heads with different flow ranges, customers can design different peristaltic pump drive circuits for supporting use according to their own equipment needs.

In addition, because the indoor space is small, if there is noise, it will cause some trouble to the user, so there are certain requirements for noise.

Peristaltic Pump Accuracy

In sub-specialties such as chemistry, biology, environmental protection, physics, etc., there will be experiments. In these experiments, we will definitely encounter some experiments that require fluid transmission, such as fluid mechanics measurement, such as ultrafiltration experiment. These are all used for precision transmission of liquids, and the accuracy requirements are higher than those of other industries.

Peristaltic Pump Flow Rate

In different industries, the transferred liquid is different, and the corresponding models of peristaltic pumps are also different. The laboratory is mainly for small flow rate peristaltic pump. There are high requirements for the accuracy of liquid transmission in the laboratory. Medium flow rate peristaltic pump is mainly used in the production line or filling, for example, the filling of electronic cigarette oil, the filling of cosmetic reagents, and the filling of some beverages. Large flow rate peristaltic pump is mainly used in industry, such as industrial filling.  

Lead Fluid is a high tech company founded in October 1999, and mainly engaged in R&D, production and the sale of peristaltic pump, gear pump, syringe pump and customized OEM pumps. We had got ISO9001,CE,ROHS,REACH certification. We insistent in innovation new pumps and had got patented technologies.  The products are widely used in agriculture, biotechnology, filtration, chemical, environment, pharmaceutical industries etc.