How to choose peristaltic pump tubing?

The peristaltic pump consists of three parts: driver, pump head and peristaltic pump tubing. The peristaltic pump works by pressing peristaltic pump tubing with roller or press. In the work of the peristaltic pump, the peristaltic pump tube is a consumable. So choose a right peritaltic pump, we are wondering what kind of peristaltic pump tubing should be used to transmit various fluids? What is the main factors for selecting peristaltic pump tubing? What material, diameter, and wall thickness tubing should be used for transmission? What is the difference between each other? How to choose the speed range and flow range.

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What is the main factors for selecting peristaltic pump tubing?

1. Chemical compatibility:Chemical compatibilities of tubing are some good chemical properties the tubing appears when transferring fluid. The normal tubing only general touch with chemical material, but peristaltic pump’s tubing touch with chemical material under working conditions, so the chemical compatibility level is different between peristaltic pump’s tubing and general tubing.

2. Compression:The factors of affecting the tubing compression: material, diameter and the wall thickness of the scale. If the system pressure over the limit of the tubing, the tubing will be expended, result in the tubing excessive wear or tubing burst.

3. Low adsorption, good temperature resistance, not easy to age, no swelling, corrosion resistance, low precipitation, etc.

4. Gas permeability: For some fluid is sensitive with the gas, some easy by oxidation, or anaerobic cell cultures.Users should consider the gas permeability factor of tubing.

5. Flow range:Each tubing is corresponding fixed flow range. We according to our customers needs of flow range choose corresponding tubing.

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