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Lead Fluid popular peristaltic pump, low cost peristaltic pump

BT103S speed variable peristaltic pump

Lead Fluid laboratory peristaltic pump used for Purification and Separation, BT103S cloud operation peristaltic pump.

BT103S variable speed laboratory peristaltic pump not only has basic functions such as start-stop, speed regulation, full speed, direction, etc., LCD Chinese display, adding multi-segment timing operation and suction function, but also can be easily connected to other equipment control through RS485 communication of MODBUS protocol.

Flow range: 0.0001-480 ml/min

Speed: 0.1-100 rpm


♥ Suitable for abrasive liquids

♥ The pump body is not in contact with liquid

♥ No valve clogging

♥ The inner surface is smooth and easy to clean

♥ The liquid is only in contact with the tubing

♥ Suction range up to 8 meters of water column

♥ Low shear force, can be used to transfer emulsion or liquid containing foam

♥ Suitable for transporting liquids containing a large amount of gas

♥ Suitable for precise transmission and quantitative feeding, which can reach a certain accuracy

♥ Can transmit viscous liquid

♥ It can be used for food and medical treatment by changing the hose and material

Function and Feature

• LCD display speed and working mode

• Mask button operation l The running time, intermittent time, and running times can be set

• High precision speed control

• External analog speed control, high and low level control start and stop, positive and negative, signal physical isolation

• RS485 communication, support MODBUS communication protocol, convenient to connect with various control equipment

• Support WIFI communication, convenient for wireless and remote control

• The circuit board is treated with dust-proof and moisture-proof technology to improve the protection effect

• Super anti-interference characteristics, wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environment

• Plastic shell, easy to clean, strong anti-interference ability