What is the application of peristaltic pump in iackaging and printing industry?

The printing and packaging industry needs to deal with a large number of inks, glues and coatings. The characteristics of these materials have very special requirements for the transfer pump. Our peristaltic pump provides a perfect solution for them:

1. The sealed tube line and materials only contact with the pump pipe, without any pollution risk.

2. No valves and other accessories easy to leak and block.

3. High transmission accuracy, with metering function.

4. It can operate in both directions, with less material waste and easy cleaning.

5. Tube line self-locking function, no dripping and no backflow.

6. The tube line is resistant to corrosion and most strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

7. The transmission shall be gentle and uniform, and cut to reduce the generation of bubbles.

8. Without one-way valve, it can transport viscous materials.

9. Simple maintenance and low cost.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump is widely used in the following links:

1. High speed and handheld glue coating

2. Ink supply for ink printing machine

3. Corrugated paper printing ink supply

4. Adhesive and primer coating