What is the difference in precision between servo motor and stepping motor used for peristaltic pump?

We all know that the accuracy of peristaltic pumps is very important, but some pumps have high accuracy and others have low accuracy, which is also related to the motor. Let’s explore together.

The motor of peristaltic pump can be divided into servo motor and stepping motor at present, but the precision of servo peristaltic pump is much higher than that of stepping motor peristaltic pump.

Like the stepping motor, the servo motor rotates once. The larger the number of pulses, the smaller the angle of each step, and the higher the accuracy. If the servo motor shaft is a 17 bit encoder, the motor rotates once every 131072 pulse signals received by the driver. That is, it moves 0.0027 degree once, and its step angle is 655 times that of the 1.8 degree stepping motor. Most stepping motors can only be set to 25000 pulses, So the precision of the servo motor is incomparable to that of the stepping motor. At the same time, the servo motor is closed loop control, and effective feedback also ensures the accuracy of the motor.


1. The peristaltic pump hose with slightly thick wall thickness shall be used when selecting the pump tube.

2. The peristaltic pump tube with a slightly larger inner diameter shall be used appropriately.

3. Reduce the speed of the peristaltic pump as much as possible, usually within 50 rpm.

4. Regularly check and replace the pump pipe in advance to prevent the pump tube from cracking.

5. When selecting the peristaltic pump, try to select the peristaltic pump head with good strength of adhesive resistant and corrosion resistant structure, and the peristaltic pump with flow display function and correction function is the best choice for driver selection.

6. The inlet and outlet hoses of the peristaltic pump shall be as short as possible.