What are peristaltic pumps classified according to?

A peristaltic pump is used to obtain the desired flow, therefore, according to the operating and use instructions of the peristaltic pump, it can be divided:

1. Variable speed drive pump: with basic control function of driving pump. Start stop. display speed. direction. Speed regulation. Charge and empty. Power-off memory. Functions such as external control input. 

2. Flow interlock pump: except for basic functions, also add flow display, flow correction, communication and other functions. 

3. Dispensing peristaltic pump: except for basic functions, also added functions such as flow display, flow correction, communication, liquid volume distribution, re-suction,  output control, etc. 

4. OEM peristaltic pump: peristaltic pump heads with different flow ranges, customers can design various peristaltic pump drivers according to their own equipment needs. 

A peristaltic pump is like squeezing a fluid-filled hose with your fingers, slide your fingers forward, and the fluid in the tube moves forward. The fluid is isolated from the pump tube, the hose can be quickly replaced, the fluid can run in the reverse direction, it can be dried, and the maintenance cost is low, which constitutes the competitive advantage of the peristaltic pump. But at the same time, peristaltic pumps also have limitations. 

1. Pressure limitation: with flexible hose, with pressure limitation. 

2. Pulse when peristaltic pump works: the workaround is: use a pulse suppressor. 

3. The pulse suppressor is a simple volume locator, since air is more compressible than liquid, pulse flow into the vessel, the balloon of liquid absorbs the pulse, the pulse controller that makes the flow work.