How does the peristaltic pump prevent the pump tube from being famaged?

Basic peristaltic pumps are mainly used for various liquids and filling. It is mostly used in the pharmaceutical and food and cosmetic industries with a high level of hygiene. Because the peristaltic pump is easy to operate, the tube material is diverse and easy to replace, and it can transfer liquids of various viscosities. Application areas include chemical industry, mining, metallurgical industry, paper industry, paint and coating industry, food industry, petroleum industry, water treatment industry, pharmaceutical industry, medical device industry, pharmaceutical industry applications. The application of peristaltic pumps in the pharmaceutical industry is mainly used for drug coating granulation and pharmaceutical packaging. 

 1. Cleaning of the peristaltic pump housing and peristaltic pump tubing:

The peristaltic pump needs to pay attention to cleaning the debris on the pump head and pump tube during use. Since the peristaltic pump is a precise instrument, it mainly relies on the pump tube to maintain a high-precision clearance, thereby squeezing the hose. Change the compression gap of the pump head, even a small change will cause excessive and premature wear of the tube, which will seriously affect the pump head and cause damage to the pump head.

2. Regular inspection to prevent damage to pump tubing

When the peristaltic pump is in use, because the peristaltic pump tube is a vulnerable part, once it is damaged, it will cause liquid leakage. Therefore, it is necessary to check in time to see if the surface of the pump table has early grinding to prevent damage to the pump tube.

3.  Selection of pump tube material

When choosing a basic peristaltic pump, pay attention to whether the liquid delivered will corrode the hose. Because the pump tube is made of many materials and conveys many types of liquids, no pump tube can withstand all liquids, so you need to confirm the type of your own liquid, compare it through the chemical compatibility table or ensure the pump tube through the immersion test can use.