Can a small peristaltic pump run idly?

Peristaltic pumps work like squeezing a fluid-filled hose with your fingers, the liquid in the tube moves forward as the finger slides forward. Peristaltic pumps replace fingers with rollers, through the elastic output of the pump, hose alternately squeezes and releases to pump fluid. Like squeezing the pump tube with two fingers, with the movement of the fingers, negative pressure in the tube, liquid flows out. The principle of the peristaltic pump determines that this pump can run idly, can pump gases, liquids, gas mixtures, this is one of the four characteristics of peristaltic pumps, also because of this particularity, the peristaltic pump can also pump gas without any problems. 

What are the conditions of use of peristaltic pumps?

The flow rate of the peristaltic pump is determined by the drive, if you need a lot of traffic, need to replace structure and materials, under normal circumstances, the speed does not need to be too high, Keep the speed under 50 rpm; 

When the rated flow rate is greater than the actual flow rate, if quantitative demand is required, the rated flow of the pump should match the actual flow. 

If a peristaltic pump is used in some fields, stable flow or adjustable speed is required, if the flow is required, you need to choose a speed-adjustable pump, also note that the flow should not exceed the rated flow. 

Pressure problem, during operation, the actual pressure of the system should not be greater than the rated pressure of the pump.