TFD04 Split Style Syringe Pump

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Max number of channel: 8

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Lead Fluid TFD04 laboratory syringe pump, transmission accuracy error<±0.5%, can independently control 1~8 channel operation. Split design, more flexible usage. 7-inch HD color touch screen display and operation, powerful functions, simple operation, rich operating information. RS485 communication, support MODBUS protocol.


• Can independently control 1~8 channel operation.
• 7-inch HD color touch screen display and operation, bringing a good user experience.
• LF-Touch-OS software system, friendly interface, reliable operation.
• Accurate flow control, transmission accuracy error<±0.5%.
• Intelligent flow correction function.
• Four working modes:only infuse, only withdraw, infuse/withdraw, withdraw/infuse.
• With fast filling and emptying function.
• Support start delay and cyclic operation.
• Save five groups of formula parameters.
• RS485 communication, MODBUS protocol, support the setting of communication parameters, convenient to connect with various control device.
• External control signal controls start, stop, pause, and physical isolation.
• Super anti-interference characteristics, wide voltage design, suitable for complex power supply environment
• High-strength metal case with protective coating, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.
• The internal circuit is treated with special protection to prevent dust, moisture and static electricity.

Technical Parameter

Channel 1~8 channels,independently control
Syringe size 0.5μL~60mL(replace the execution unit)
Syringe selection built-in mainstream brand syringe specifications, support customization
Working mode infuse, withdraw ,infuse/withdraw, withdraw/infuse
Accuracy error<±0.5%(>30% of pump stroke)
Flow calibration intelligent guide
Display 7 inch 65565 color LCD
Operation method Touch screen
Delay time 0.1~999 s/min/h
Cycles 0~9999
Cycles interval time 0.1~999 s/min/h
Power-down memory Memorize parameters set before power off
Status signal output 5V TTL,1 road indicates running status, 1 road indicates direction status
Control signal input 5~24V Wide voltage, control start, stop and pause
Communication RS485,support Modbus protocol
Power supply AC100~240V,50Hz/60Hz
Power consumption Controller 40W+30W (each execution unit)
Environment temperature5~40℃ ,relative humidity<80%
Controller dimension 200×142×88mm
Controller weight 2.0kg


Execution Unit
ZX01 ZX02 ZX03
Syringe 5μL~1000μL 10μL~60mL 0.5μL~100μL
Flow range 0.058nL/min~1.587mL/min 0.184nL/min~83.318mL/min 0.005nL/min~152.456μL/min
Channel 1~8 1~4 1~8
Max stroke of pump 70mm 110mm 70mm
Max rated thrust >2kgf,Adjustable thrust >10kgf,Adjustable thrust >1kgf,Adjustable thrust
Advance per microstep 0.198μm/μstep 0.156μm/μstep 0.1905μm/μstep
Linear speed 0.635μm/min~95.25mm/min 1μm/min~150mm/min 0.6096μm/min~91.44mm/min
Execution unit dimension 195×43.5×70mm 266×86×76mm
Execution unit weight 0.85 KG 1.8 KG 0.25 KG


Reference Table of Syringe Specifications and Flow Rate


Syringe size Syringe ID (mm) Min flow rate (nl/min) Max flow rate (ml/min)
10μl 0.485 0.184 0.027
25μl 0.729 0.417 0.0626
50μl 1.03 0.833 0.125
100μl 1.457 1.667 0.250
250μL 2.304 4.169 0.625
500μL 3.256 8.326 1.248
1mL 4.699 17.342 2.601
5mL 11.989 112.89 16.933
10mL 14.427 163.469 24.520
20mL 19.05 285.027 42.754
30mL 21.59 366.090 54.913
60mL 26.594 555.459 83.318


Syringe size Syringe ID (mm) Min flow rate (nl/min) Max flow rate (μl/min)
0.5μL 0.103 0.005 0.761
1μL 0.146 0.01 1.531
2μL 0.206 0.020 3.047
5μL 0.3257 0.051 7.618
10μl 0.485 0.112 16.893
25μl 0.729 0.254 38.166
50μl 1.03 0.507 76.190
100μl 1.457 1.016 152.456

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium etc. Above for reference only.


Execution Unit Dimension (UN:mm)

Controller Dimension (UN:mm)

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