Peristaltic Pumps


Lead Fluid As Leading Pumps Factory Provides Peristaltic Pumps

Peristaltic pumps, classified as positive displacement pumps, are specifically designed for the pumping of a diverse range of fluids. They are also known as roller pumps or tubing pumps.

Peristaltic pumps find their application in handling fluids that are caustic, abrasive, or sensitive, making them an ideal choice for such challenging fluid types. Additionally, they excel in situations that require long runs with uninterrupted flow.

Working Principle:
Peristaltic pumps use rotating rollers or shoes to compress and relax a flexible tube or hose.

Tube Selection:
The choice of tube material is crucial in peristaltic pumps, as it directly impacts the pump’s chemical compatibility, durability, and performance.

Flow Control and Reversibility:
Peristaltic pumps offer precise flow control by adjusting the speed of the rollers or shoes.

Main Classifications Of Peristaltic Pumps By Lead Fluid

Lead Fluid as leading peristaltic pumps manufacturer and supplier in China, produces quality peristaltic pumps in various of classifications:

Meanwhile, Lead Fluid also provides related pumps parts such as peristaltic pumps head and tubing while we mainly produce about kinds of pumps.

Benefits Of Lead Fluid To Produce Quality Pumps

  • Lead Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. is a high tech company founded in October 1999
  • Mainly engaged in R&D, production of peristaltic pump, gear pump, syringe pump and ODM pumps
  • Lead Fluid gets ISO9001, CE, ROHS, REACH
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