DMD25-T High Precision Low- Pulse Pump Head

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DMD25-T High Precision Low- Pulse Pump Head

DMD25-T pump head is designed for low-pulse transmission and precision dispensing. Special complementary phase design decreases transmitting pulse and improves dispensing accuracy, load tubes in Y structure. Unique tubing-fixing structure prevents tubing’s wears caused by vibration. The shell adopts aluminum-magnesium alloy and POM materials, high mechanical strength and reliable performance.

Flow Range: 0.4~4000ml/min

Channel: 1

Roller: 6

Pressure tube Structure: Elastic self-adaptation


■ Lead FluidDMD25-T peristaltic pump head flow range 0.4~4000 mL/ min. It mainly meets higher requirements such as high precision filling and large flow and low pulsation.

■ The transmissionsmoothness is greatly improved by the double line pulsation complementary method.

■ Elastic upper block structure reduces flow attenuation rate and greatly prolongs the service life of pump tube .

■ Three pump heads can cascade to form three channels,increase productivity.

■ The overall uses of aluminum alloy and SS304 material, excellent mechanical properties.

Three Pump Head Cascade



Pump Head Material

Shell Aluminum Alloy
Roller SS304
Roller shaft SS304
Upper block Aluminum Alloy

Pump Head Specification

Speed 0.1~350rpm
Flow range 0.4~4000ml/min
Tube 15#, 24#, 35#, 36#
Channel 1
Roller 6
Pressure tube structure Elastic self-adaptation
Transmission pressure ≤0.12MPa
Dimension 168.2x105x125mm
Net weight 2.8kg

Flow Rate Parameters

Tube material:Silicone, Pharmed, Viton, Norprene A-60-G/F Wall thickness2.4mm
ID (mm) 4.8 6.4 7.9 9.6
15# 24# 35# 36#
mL/rpm 4.09 6.86 8.29 11.43
mL/min (continuous working max 350rpm) 1430 2400 2900 4000

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium, environment etc.

Pulsation Complementare Schematic Diagram

Pulsation Curve Simulation Diagram



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