GN10 High-Pressure Corrosion-Resistant Pump Head

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GN10 High-Pressure Corrosion-Resistant Pump Head

GN10 High-Pressure Corrosion-Resistant Pump Head using PTFE tube, transport most of the strong acids, strong bases and organic solvents, outlet pressure 0.68Mpa.

Flow range: 65 ml/min

Speed range: <300 rpm

Tubing: 2.48×0.76mm \ 4.48×0.76mm(PTFE)

Channel: 1



■ GN10 high pressure corrosion resistance pump head suitable for PTFE tube, excellent chemical resistance, suitable for strong acids, strong bases and various organic solvents, especially suitable for small flow transmission of liquids that cannot be transmitted by ordinary peristaltic pumps.

■ Using aluminum alloy and POM material, excellent mechanical properties.

■ Adjustable pressure tube clearance, locking structure design, the max adaptive outlet pressure is 0.68Mpa.

■ Easy and quick tube installation, lower running noisecompact and beautiful appearance.


Technical Parameters

Speed range <300rpm
Max flow rate 65mL/min
Tube size 2.48×0.76mm/4.48×0.76mm (PTFE)
Channel 1
Roller 6
Pressure tube structure Adjustable pressure tube clearance
Transmission pressure ≤0.68MPa
Suction stroke Not higher than 2 meters
Temperature Temperature 0~40℃, humidity<80%
Dimension 82×130×65mm
Pump head weight 0.92kg


Flow Parameter

Tube material: PTFE wall thickness 0.76mm
ID (mm) 2.48 4.48
mL/rpm 0.04 0.21
mL /min (Continuous working max100rpm) 4 21
mL /min (continuous working max 300rpm) 12 65

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure,in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium, environment. Above for reference only.



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