Peristaltic Pump Used in Laboratory Application

The peristaltic pump always uses in laboratory industry. The laboratory is the cradle of science and plays a very important role in the development of science and technology. Therefore, the laboratory has extremely strict requirements for fluid transfer equipment:

1. The flow range is wide and adjustable. The pumped fluid has high precision and can be metering. Can provide effective data support for experimental work.

2. The peristaltic pump is easy to operate and has comprehensive functions, which can improve the efficiency of the experiment, and has dispensing functional requirements such as dispensing and anti-drip.

3. The same peristaltic pump can transmit multiple fluids, the pump body will not be damaged by corrosive fluids, and there will be no cross-contamination between fluids.

4.  Peristaltic pumps can meet the intelligent connection needs of smart  laboratories.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can be used in the process of sample purification and separation in the laboratory. Purification, that is, the process by which the aggregates of various substances are transformed into one kind or one kind of substance through the action of various methods.

Common purification methods such as: filtration method, its principle is to use a special membrane to selectively filter various solute molecules in the solution. When the solution passes through the membrane under a certain pressure (that is, driven by the Lead Fluid BT103S peristaltic pump), the solution and small molecules penetrate, and the large molecules are blocked and retained in the original solution, so that the macromolecular substances are purified.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pump pumping liquid can provide stable pressure and flow, helping to complete the purification process efficiently.

The materials to be transported for sample purification and separation are highly sensitive, especially those with biological activity. Therefore, in the process of material transfer, it is necessary to ensure that there is no damage to it, and the Lead Fluid BT103S peristaltic pump has low shear force, which can effectively avoid damage to it.