How to test the quality of peristaltic pump hose?

Peristaltic pump hose material is made of silica gel, but there are different kinds of silicone. Such as ordinary silica gel, weather glue, food grade silica gel and so on. 

Ordinary silica gel: this is one of the more used silica gel on the market, common material, cheaper price, many manufacturers use this material as a peristaltic pump hose.

The gas phase glue: gas phase glue and ordinary glue is the opposite, its transparency,  luster and resilience is better than ordinary silica gel. Hoses used in the pharmaceutical and other industries are mostly made of this material. 

Food grade silica gel: it’s a concept, it refers to the silicone tube that meets customer requirements, certification is usually required. 

What should I pay attention to when installing peristaltic pump pipe?

1. Before installing the pump, place the pump on a flat surface, otherwise, there will be stuck in the installation of pump pipe phenomenon; 

2. The pump hose needs to be fitted to the pump head, (Try to straighten), do not allow the pump pipe to be too long in the pump head, because when the pump is running, the pump flange will slip the hose; 

3. Pump before use, External cleaning is required, do not leave impurities, otherwise, it will affect the resilience of the pump pipe and the accuracy of delivery; 

4. Determine the specifications of the peristaltic pump head, not all hoses can be installed on the same pump head, otherwise, there will be channeling phenomenon; 

5. The peristaltic pump pipe needs to be clamped with a clamp to avoid the phenomenon of channeling.