CACLP-See Lead Fluid WSP3000 Peristaltic Pump At CACLP

Baoding Lead Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. will exhibit the 18th CACLP.  we Will exhibit WSP3000 microliter peristaltic pump BT103S peristaltic pump, BT600F peristaltic pump and other dispensing and flow peristaltic pumps, MM10, KD15 and other OEM and ODM peristaltic pump.

CACLP-the flagship expo event and weather vane of the IVD industry. Every year the exhibition attracts nearly 100,000 people from home and abroad in related fields, experts, scholars, production and distribution companies, medical workers, etc. to participate in the exhibition. The types of exhibits this time include blood analysis systems, biochemical analysis systems, genetic and life science instruments, clinical medical laboratory auxiliary equipment, etc.

Company profile

Baoding Lead Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D, production and sales of peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, precision gear pumps, etc. We have the most complete series of product lines, and we can also provide ODM customized services according to user needs. As a leading domestic product and service manufacturer, we undertake the design, transformation and technical consultation of various intelligent fluid control systems to solve various product needs and provide high-quality, high-precision, and cost-effective fluid delivery solutions.

Exhibited Products

1. WSP3000 Microliter peristaltic pump

1. Applications

• Immunodiagnosis • Biochemical diagnosis • Vaccines • Microbial detection • Tumor markers

• Gene sequencing • High-precision dispensing of proteomics and other related reagents

2. WSP3000 new technology

The most advanced peristaltic pump, WSP3000 does a lot of work that a peristaltic pump can’t achieve, and it’s easier and more efficient.

Technology: An unprecedented peristaltic pump product, and obtained 13 patents, including 2 international patents.

Accuracy: The filling liquid of 1-100μl is realized for the first time, and the error is within ±0.2%.

Efficiency: The max filling speed is up to 120 bottles/min, and the filling efficiency is 200% higher than that of the traditional peristaltic pump.

Stable: The life of the pump tube exceeds 1000H, the attenuation of continuous operation is less than 1% for 12H, and one day of work no calibration

Control: Exquisite modular design, convenient for expansion and maintenance, and can realize centralized control of supporting equipment.

2. BT600F Intelligent Dispensing Peristaltic Pump

1. Four working modes: flow mode, liquid dispensing, time dispensing, and cycle dispensing (programming) to meet all the needs of users.

2. Five groups of dispensing parameters can be pre-stored for liquid volume and time dispensing, which is convenient for users to call directly.

3. Precise flow control and display, and micro-step algorithm to ensure the accuracy of different settings.

4. Guided flow calibration function, unique suck back function.

5. WIFI control function: remote operation can be realized through the Lead Fluid APP software, and it has monitoring functions such as shutdown alarm and replacement pump tube reminder to control the working status in real time.

6. Efficient information interaction: customizable upgrades and communication parameters can be set to facilitate connection with various control equipment.

7. Open multiple control parameters, suitable for ODM customized applications.

3. ODM products

We exhibit KD10 OEM peristaltic pump, DG peristaltic pump, MM10, DW peristaltic pump. They are specially designed for small flow and multi-channel fluid transmission. They are exquisite in appearance and small in size. With low pulsation. corrosion, excellent anti-aging performance.