Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pumps

Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps for Pharmaceutical Production, peristaltic pump manufacturer china

Lead Fluid Peristaltic pump is china’s peristaltic pump. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, precision gear pumps and other fluid precision transmission pumps and related accessories, and undertakes the design and sales of various intelligent fluid control systems. Retrofit and technical consultation.

From its establishment to the present, Lead Fluid  has always been adhering to the concept of innovation, rigor, integrity, teamwork, and customer first. Relying on its own industry background and technical advantages, it has continuously developed a series of internationally advanced products, winning the trust and appreciation of customers.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology research, development and production processes demand sterility, fluid isolation and zero contamination potential to assure a high level of process and product security

Sterile liquid flow is paramount in pharmaceutical and bioprocessing applications, which is why Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps are highly-suited for these demanding processes.

With the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, biosecurity has become a national key strategy. We should be fully prepared to welcome a digital, networked, and intelligent innovative development and industrial transformation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Lead Fluid peristaltic  pumps provide a completely closed system for contamination-free aseptic/sterile flow control.Sterility, fluid isolation, zero contamination.

Recommed products

BT103S Speed-variable peristaltic pump

1. High-precision stepper motor, speed accuracy error <±0.2%, speed range 0.1-100rpm, closed loop control.

2. Support WIFI connection and mobile APP remote control.

3. Strong anti-interference, strong protection, slow speed stop, suck back function, key lock function, locked rotor alarm, liquid leakage alarm (optional).

4. Support 5~24V wide voltage external control input, RS485 communication, compatible with MODBUS protocol.

BT600F-V3 dispensing intelligent peristaltic pump BT600F-V3

1. 4.3-inch super HD LCD touch screen display and operation

2. Flow mode, liquid volume dispensing, time dispensing, cycle dispensing (programming) multiple dispensing modes are optional.

3. Support WIFI connection, mobile APP remote operation, and have monitoring functions such as shutdown alarm and reminder to replace the pump tube;

4. It has the functions reversible direction, start-stop, full speed, suck back, and timing start-stop.

MLP microliter peristaltic pump

1. The filling accuracy is high, and the error is less than ±0.2%;

2. Support multi-channel cascade, CIP, SIP, maintenance-free;

3. The man-machine interface directly inputs the liquid volume parameters, which is easy to operate;

4. The pump tube has low loss, the continuous service life can reach 700 hours, and the 12-hour load reduction is less than 1%;

5. Support manual control and supporting automatic production line linkage control, etc.