IE expo China 2021 Lead Fluid Waiting For You

Baoding Lead Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. will exhibit the IE expo China 2021.

We will exhibit the ODM products include TY15, KT15 series, KJ15, DW series, etc., which are specially designed for small flow and multi-channel fluid transmission, with exquisite appearance, small size, stable and accurate flow, excellent corrosion resistance and anti-aging performance. BT103S speed-variable peristaltic pump and G3030 industrial syringe pump will be on display.

Company Profile

Baoding Lead Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the R&D, production and sales of peristaltic pumps, syringe pumps, gear pumps, etc. We have a full range of product lines and can also provide ODM customized services according to user needs. As a professional peristaltic pump and syringe pump manufacturer, we undertake the design, transformation and technical consultation of various intelligent fluid control systems to solve your various product needs and provide high-quality, high-precision, and cost-effective fluid delivery solutions.

Lead Fluid products description

KT15 OEM peristaltic pump-CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System)

● Applicable for Pharmed BPT, silicone tube, fluorine rubber tube.

● The roller body adopts an elastic fixed structure, the pump head body adopts PPS material, and the roller body adopts PVDF material, which has superior performance

● There are two ways to install pipes: built-in pipe joints and spring pipe clamps, which can meet the needs of more working conditions.

● It can be matched with 57 type stepper, AC synchronous, AC gear, DC gear motors, etc. It adopts the panel and soleplate installation, which is suitable for supporting use of various small and medium-sized instruments.

DW OEM peristaltic pump- water quality online monitoring

● The spring pressure tube structure can provide accurate and stable flow and superior hose life.

● The pressure pipe gap can be fine-tuned to adapt to different wall thicknesses and output greater pressure

● Small size, compact structure, high mechanical strength, and can be matched with stepping motors, DC motors and other motors.

TY15 OEM peristaltic pump- CEMS (Continuous Emission Monitoring System)
● The elastic roller body, with the flexible pressure tube structure, brings a very superior pump tube life.
● The pump head uses a variety of high-functional materials, with high mechanical strength, excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance.
● It can be matched with synchronous, stepper moter, DC, and AC motors, especially suitable for CEMS, COD and other instruments and equipment that require long-term continuous operation.
● Built-in hoses in the pipe joints, clever fixed structure, convenient pipe changing, stable and reliable.

Lead Fluid can provide ODM customized services according to user needs, and many well-known companies in the industry have long-term close cooperative relations with Lead Fluid. We will provide you with high-quality, high-precision, and cost-effective fluid transportation solutions.

April 22 is World Earth Day, and it is becoming more and more important to care for the earth, protect the homeland, and promote the coordinated development of resource development and environmental protection.

Possessing cutting-edge technologies and solutions in the field of global environmental pollution control, bringing together global high-quality ecological environmental management companies, high-influence, high-quality, and high-standard- Lead Fluid waiting for you In Shanghai.