Application of Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump in Pharmaceutical Coating Machine

Granulation, coating technology is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agriculture and other industries, the application of peristaltic pump in coating machine, use of peristaltic pump, data programming, flow display, setting function, set different flow according to different varieties to achieve automatic control of liquid flow. The radius of gyration of the peristaltic pump roller changes with the pressure change at any time, and the output slurry and the shotcrete volume are automatically balanced. It not only stabilizes the atomization effect, optimizes the spray system, but also prevents the blockage of the nozzle, saves auxiliary materials, and is easy to clean without dead ends.

What is coating?

Coating is to coat sugar or other film-forming materials on the outer surface of solid pharmaceutical preparations according to a specific process in a specific equipment, so that after drying, it becomes one or several layers of different thicknesses that are closely adhered to the surface. , Multi-functional protective layer with different elasticity.

The purpose of the coating process used in the pharmaceutical industry

1. Some tablets are black or yellow in appearance and have a fishy smell, which makes it difficult for people to take them. After coating, the color and smell are covered, which is convenient for taking. 

2. Some medicines will decompose and volatilize when exposed to light, some are easy to absorb moisture and some are easy to oxidize. After coating, these problems can be solved. 

3. Some medicines are absorbed through the stomach, but some need to be absorbed by the intestinal tract. After coating, the medicines can not be absorbed and destroyed in the stomach, and then released after reaching the intestinal tract and absorbed by the intestinal tract. 

4. If the release rate of some drugs is too fast, the bioavailability will become lower, and the local drug will be too high, which will damage and stimulate the organs. The release rate of the drug can be changed by coating to prolong the efficacy and improve Purpose of Bioavailability.

Wet granulation is the most widely used granulation technology, and spray coating is the most widely used coating technology.

Materials with larger particle size, such as tablets, pills, etc., are often granulated by mixed wet granulation or mixed wet granulation and tableting, and are often coated by high-efficiency coating machines. Materials with smaller particle sizes, such as pellets and powders, are often granulated and coated by fluidized bed granulation/coating machines. Fluidized bed granulation, also known as one-step granulation or boiling granulation, involves mixing, granulating, drying, and coating in one piece of equipment.

What are the advantages of peristaltic pumps in pharmaceutical coating machines?

In order to ensure the quality of drugs, the entire production process of the pharmaceutical industry requires precise fluid transfer and a pollution-free production environment. Dead corners should be avoided to prevent accumulation or clogging of the suspension coating. Advantages of peristaltic pumps in pharmaceutical coating.

1. It is convenient for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization to meet the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry for the hygiene level of the coating process;

2. The operation performance is stable and the flow rate is stable to ensure the uniform size of the atomized droplets;

3. The composition, state and integrity of the coating liquid cannot be damaged;

4. The flow rate of the coating liquid can be adjusted continuously, the size of the atomized droplets can be adjusted according to the process requirements, and the drying temperature and hot air volume can be coordinated to achieve dynamic balance to achieve the best coating effect;

5. It has good corrosion resistance and can be used to transmit corrosive coating liquids.