Peristaltic Pump Head Guide

Peristaltic pump head is the most important part for a unit peristaltic pump, it is connected to the back of the control unit peristaltic pump drive or peristaltic pump motor to drive the suitable tubes to reach the specific range of flow volumes with the help. As one of the professional peristaltic pump and peristaltic pump head suppliers, in order to reduce maintenance costs, Only by choosing the right peristaltic pump head can many failures be avoided.

How to operate the peristaltic pump head?

To operate a peristaltic pump, first we should load the peristaltic pump tube on the pump head, and then fix it with our pressure regulating device. During this process, we should not press the tube too tightly, which will increase the wear and tear, and the flow rate will change. Inaccurate. After the peristaltic pump is started, we should not press the forward and reverse switch at will, this will cause our voltage to be unstable; in addition, we also need to pay attention to our pump tube.

What factors should be considered when choosing a peristaltic pump head, such as flow rate, channels, material, wall thickness of tubing.

1. Flow rate

This is a direct factor, because when buying a pump, what is the flow rate. Therefore, the pump head and hose need to be determined for the flow rate. Select a pump head in this interval according to the determined flow value.

Note: When selecting the flow rate, use the intermediate value as much as possible, not too high or too low, otherwise errors will easily occur.

2. Material

In some industries, such as chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the liquids they transmit are sometimes corrosive, so there are certain requirements for the material of the pump head, such as the resistance to chemical corrosion and the performance of the plastic.

3.  Number of rollers

There are more rollers on the fixed rotor, the smaller the flow rate, and the higher the accuracy. The hose used will endure more squeezing times within the specified time, which will shorten the service life. Therefore, we need to choose the right pump head to reduce the use and maintenance costs while ensuring demand.

4. Ease of installation

This is related to the hose. The hose is a consumable, and it is inevitable to replace it. This means that the pump head needs to be disassembled and installed, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. It is relatively easy to replace the hose.

5.Tube size and number of channels

If the peristaltic pump needs to transfer different liquids, you need to use different hoses, different channels, multi-channel pump heads, can be installed with a variety of hoses, saving the cost of purchase.

What also needs to be considered is the temperature of the transmission liquid, strong corrosive acid and strong alkali. Pay attention to the service life of the hose. You can’t wait until it can’t be used for replacement. Long-term use of friction will also cause the hose to lose elasticity, wear and damage, and cause damage. Leakage and contaminate the pump body, which increases the maintenance cost. 

6. After sale

After-sales service capability is a problem that everyone is concerned about. Whether the pump head of the peristaltic pump is easy to repair, and what the manufacturer’s after-sales policy is, is also one of the factors to be considered.