Peristaltic Pump Price

Peristaltic pumps, also known as roller pumps, there are many peristaltic pump manufacturers on the market, peristaltic pump price is different due to different materials and processes, peristaltic pump is a fluid delivery device that can control the flow rate in terms of working principle. is composed of a pump head, a driver and a peristaltic pump silicone tube. Due to the wide range of peristaltic pump applications (such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical processes, experimental research and other industries), today we will introduce Lead Fluid peristaltic pump price and peristaltic pumps for sale for the majority of users.

Lead Fluid types of peristaltic pumps

BQ80S-DW10-1 micro flow peristaltic pump price

BT301S+YT25 lab peristaltic pump for sale

BT100S-1 stepper motor multi channel peristaltic pump price

BT601L accuracy silicone tube for peristaltic pump price

BT100F different types of programmable peristaltic pump supplier price

 KD15/10 24v precision peristaltic micropump peristaltic pump

 WX09 hot sell micro peristaltic pump stepper pump in pump 3v

As mentioned above, there are many liquid pump applications industries where pumps are used, so there are many requirements for the material of the pump and the material of the silicone tube for peristaltic dosing pump. When purchasing, you must understand your own needs. Different requirements use different material specifications.

Factors we need to consider when buying a peristaltic pump

1. Peristaltic pump flow rate

2. Whether the transmission liquid is corrosive

3. During the transmission process, the pressure, viscosity of the liquid, whether there are large particles, etc.

How to choose a suitable pump head?

1. Speed different pump head have different speeds that can be achieved.

2. Whether the pump head is easy to load or not, the speed of load is also a factor affecting the peristaltic pump work efficiency.

3. Whether there is a need for multiple channels (some through multiple silicone tubes, and some through multiple pump heads in series).

4. Chemical compatibility—When the liquid is accidentally splashed on the pump head, or in a special working environment, the material of the pump head is more important at this time.

How to choose silicone tube of peristaltic pump?

1. The diameter of the silicone tube is one of the factors affecting the flow rate of the pump.

2. Chemical compatibility, like the pump head, as a component that directly contacts the liquid, the material of the hose is particularly important. 

3. Tube life, silicone tube is a commonly used consumable, it is also more important to choose good quality silicone tube. 

4. Whether the fluid mentioned above contains particles is also a factor in the design of the life of the silicone tube.

How to choose a suitable drive?

1. The power of the pump is provided by the driver. Generally, the same driver of S type, L type and F type peristaltic pump can be matched with different pump heads. OEM/ODM needs to be customized according to customer requirements.

2. Whether the peristaltic pump can be controlled remotely, or operated through a foot switch.

3. The working environment, some working environments are not at room temperature or under normal conditions, so it is also more important whether the driver can have certain protective characteristics.

The above are some introductions about the peristaltic pump price and purchase of peristaltic pumps. I believe you can better choose to buy equipment after reading this article.