Why Peristaltic Pumps Need Specialized Peristaltic Pump Tubing?

We have mentioned the principle of the peristaltic pump. The peristaltic pump is a roller that drives the liquid in the tube to transmit forward, the silicone tubing is always squeezed during use, so it must have the characteristics of not easily deformed and high resilience. so this also requires that the peristaltic pump tube must be elastic, and it must be able to quickly return to its original shape after being squeezed. Restoring the status quo will cause the flow to be inaccurate. The silicone tube used in the Lead Fluid pump is made of high-purity wear-resistant silicone material. This material has the characteristics of high transparency, high temperature resistance and 90% resilience.

The roller is constantly rubbing the outer wall of the peristaltic pump tubing, so the peristaltic pump tube must be wear-resistant and wear-resistant, so that the maintenance workload can be reduced, and the flow rate caused by the wear of the tube can be avoided, inaccurate. In the wear resistance test of silicone tubing, the peristaltic pump will repeatedly rub and squeeze the tubing in the continuous working environment, and the moving time is 600 rpm, and the ordinary tube cannot adapt to this frequent squeezing, and it will appear after more than 45 hours. damaged.

Must have good compressive performance, which is also a very necessary item.

The peristaltic pump transmits liquid, so it must have good air tightness. If the tube is particularly easy to leak, it will definitely not work.

Many peristaltic pumps transmit chemicals and are highly corrosive, so the peristaltic pump must be anti-corrosion, otherwise the precious liquid inside is contaminated, then everything is over.