What Are The Working Principles And Characteristics Of Peristaltic Pump?

Working principle of peristaltic pump

Peristaltic pump is a “pillow” shaped fluid formed by a pump tube between two rotating rollers. The volume of the “pillow” depends on the inside diameter of the pump and the geometry of the rollers. The flow rate depends on the product of the speed of the pump head and the size of the “pillows” and the number of “pillows” produced by the rollers per revolution. The size of the “pillow” is generally constant (except when a particularly viscous fluid is pumped). Compare a pump with the same rotor diameter to be a pump with a larger “pillow” volume, the volume of fluid transported by the rollers per revolution is also larger, but the pulsation is also larger. This is similar to the situation of membrane valves. A pump with a smaller “pillow” volume delivers a smaller volume of fluid each revolution of its rollers and the rapid and continuous formation of small “pillows” makes the flow of fluid more smooth. This is similar to the way gear pumps work.

Advantage of peristaltic pump


1. No pollution: the liquid only touch the hose, don’t touch the peristaltic pump.

2. High precision: repeatability, high stability and accuracy.

3. Low shear: is the tool forconveying shear-sensitive, aggressive fluids.

4. Good sealing: It has good self-priming ability, can be idling, and can prevent backflow.

5. Simple maintenance: no valves and seals.

6. With two-way equal flow transmission capacity, without liquid idling no damage to any part of the pump and can produce vacuum up to 98%. No valve, closed machinery and packing closed device, there is no such leakage and maintenance factors. Easy to transfer gas, liquid, gas and liquid mixture, allow diameter of solids contained in liquids up to 40% of tubular elements. Can be delivered a kind of grind, corrosion-sensitive materials and foods, etc. Hose parts that need to be replaced, replacement is very simple. Except the hose, the conveyed product does not come into contact with any parts.