When buy a peristaltic pump what to pay attention to?

What is a peristaltic pump?

Peristaltic pump, also known as tubing pump, is a new type of industrial pump. The peristaltic pump consists of three parts: peristaltic pump driver, pump head and peristaltic pump tubing.

Peristaltic pump tubing is the only requirement of liquid connection for peristaltic pump. The peristaltic pump works by pressing tube with roller or press. This means that the pump can run dry, self-priming and handle high-viscosity and high-wear medium. In addition, the peristaltic pump tubing as an independent unit, so that the pump body does not need to be sealed, so it is completely leak-free, very sanitary. And each rotation output a fixed flow rate, which makes the application of quantitative feeding of peristaltic pump has outstanding performance. This principle can be applied to all peristaltic pumps, so the pump head and driver part are the most important factors to distinguish the quality of peristaltic pumps.

What to pay attention to when buy a peristaltic pump?

If you want to choose the right peristaltic pump, you will tell us your flow rate per minute, fluid name, working environment. you will confirm your application requirements. What flow rate do I need? What chemical am I pumping? Do conditions such as fluid viscosity or back pressure in my application. Select a pump based on your flow rate. Select a drive, pump head and peristaltic pump tubing.

♦ Choose peristaltic pump tubing

1.Chemical compatibility:Chemical compatibilities of tubing are some good chemical properties the tubing appears when transferring fluid. The normal tubing only general touch with chemical material, but peristaltic pump’s tubing touch with chemical material under working conditions, so the chemical compatibility level is different between peristaltic pump’s tubing and general tubing.

2.Compression:The factors of affecting the tubing compression: material, diameter and the wall thickness of the scale. If the system pressure over the limit of the tubing, the tubing will be expended, result in the tubing excessive wear or tubing burst.

3.Low adsorption, good temperature resistance, not easy to age, no swelling, corrosion resistance, low precipitation, etc.

4.Gas permeability: For some fluid is sensitive with the gas, some easy by oxidation, or anaerobic cell cultures.Users should consider the gas permeability factor of tubing.

5.Flow range:Each tubing is corresponding fixed flow range. We according to our customers needs of flow range choose corresponding tubing.

♦ Choose pump head:

1.Flow rate: different pump heads have different flow rate.

2.Tubing change easy or not: enable rapid tubing changes.

3.Number of channels: single channel or multichannel

4.Chemical compatibility: pump head materials become important if chemicals spill.

5.Transmission liquid accuracy requirements

♦ Choose drive:

1. Flow range: the rpm of the drive directly correlates to flow rate

2. Do you need simple transmission, flow control or liquid volume dispensing

3. Accuracy of flow rate or dispensing volume.

4. External control requirements: equipment matching, operation methods.

5. Protection level, IP grade, explosion-proof level.