How To Choose An Appropriate Peristaltic Pump?

To choose an appropriate peristaltic pump, first determine the application requirements:

1. Determine the flow rate

2. What kind of medium needs to be transmitted

3. Transfer accuracy

4. The number of channels required

5. Pressure range, control method, etc.

The peristaltic pump is mainly composed of three parts: the pump head, the tube, and the drive. Next, we will select the corresponding performance parameters of these components according to the needs.

The first step is to determine the requirements, and the second step is to select pump heads, tubing, and drivers. How to choose these components?

How to choose peristaltic pump head?

In many applications, the choice of pump head is critical. The correct use of the pump head can avoid many unnecessary failures during start-up and operation. The following are the factors to be considered when selecting pump head functions:

1. Flow rate: different pump heads can reach different flow rates.

2. Number of rollers: The number of rollers is a key factor in determining the size of the pulsation. The level of pulsation requirements determines the number of rollers.

3. Number of channels required: In most cases, the pump heads can be stacked.

4. Pump head material: it depends on the type of transmission medium, if the medium contains organic solvents and corrosive substances, the pump head of suitable material should be selected.

How to choose peristaltic pump tube?

Choosing the right pump tube is as important as choosing the pump head. A good pump tube should have excellent characteristics.

1. Chemical compatibility: choose the peristaltic pump tube according to the medium. If the medium contains corrosive substances, choose a tube with strong corrosion resistance.

2. Inner diameter and tubing wall hardness: the size of the inner diameter is proportional to the flow rate; the tube wall hardness is very important to determine the pumping capacity of a particular pipeline. If the pump tube is too soft, it will be easily damaged, if the pump tube is too hard, the pump will not work.

3. Pump tube life: If the tube is used for a long time, it may break due to wear and tear, which may cause fluid overflow, which may cause harm to the human body or equipment. Therefore, the status of the tubing should be checked frequently and replaced in time.

How to choose drive?

1. Speed: The speed of the drive is directly related to the flow rate.

2. Accuracy: depends on the speed control accuracy.

3. Material: If the working environment contains corrosive substances, a driver with corrosion resistance should be selected.

4. Protection level: If the working environment requires waterproof and dustproof, you should choose a driver that is compatible with the IP level.

I understand the first two steps, so what is the third step?

The third step, of course, is to send an email to LEAD FLUID to inquire about a suitable peristaltic pump.

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