What Is The Difference Between A Standard Peristaltic Pump And An Easy-Fit Peristaltic Pump Head?

There’re many types of peristaltic pump heads, Among them, the easy-to-install type and the standard type are the two most common pump heads.

There are the following differences:

1.  Easy-to-install pump heads are available in a variety of hose sizes, the standard pump head can only use a specific hose size.

2. Easy-to-install pump head is easy to install the card tube, the standard pump head must be disassembled to be able to install the tube.

3. For various reasons above, The market price of the easy-to-install pump head is slightly higher than that of the standard pump head.

4. Due to the different types of hoses used, the flow range is also different. Easy-to-install pump head for large flow range.

5. Since the hose used is made of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), it has the characteristics of good rigidity, high dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistance, etc. The standard pump head is generally made of PP material, and its performance is not as good as that of PPS in all aspects.

6. Easy-fit pump heads have inlet and outlet on both sides, while standard peristaltic pump heads have inlet and outlet on the same side. Both methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and different types are used in different occasions.