TY15 Series ODM Peristaltic Pump

Short Description:

Flow range:0.004~140mL/min

Max number of channels:1

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TY15 Series ODM Peristaltic Pump


■Lead Fluid TY15 peristaltic pump continuous working flow range 0.004~140ml/min,intermittent working flow range 0.004~420ml/min.■Elastic roller body, with flexible pressure pipe structure pump head,provides excellent pump tube life.

■Tube connector with built-in tube,ingenious fixed structure,easy to change, stable and reliable.

■Pump head uses a variety of high-performance materials,high mechanical strength, excellent corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

■Suitable for AC motor and stepper motor, especially suitable for long-term use on online monitoring instruments such as COD, CEMS.


Pump Head Material





Roller shaft


Upper block


Tube connector PP/PVDF


Flow Rate Parameter

Tube material:Silicone, Pharmed, Viton, Norprene Wall thickness1.6mm
ID(mm) 2.4 3.2 4.8
19# 16# 25#
Milliliter/Revolution 0.4 0.74 1.4
mL/min(Continuous workingmaximum100rpm) 40 74 140
mL/min(Interval working maximum 300rpm) 120 222 420


Above parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure ,medium. Above for reference only


Pump Head Specification

Channel 1
Roller 2
Pressure tube Structure Elasticity
Transmission Pressure Temperatuir0-40℃,humidity<80%
Working environment ≤0.16MPa
Pump head weight 142g
Motor Stepper motor/ AC synchronous


Pump Head installation

Motor Specification

57 Stepper motor step angle 1.8° \ phase 2 \phase voltage 3.9V \ phase current 3A \ phase resistance 1.3Ω±20% \ phase inductor 5.0mH±20%
Insulation grade : 1≥100MΩ
Wiring definition: red line-A, green line-C , yellow line-B , blue line-D
50 AC synchronous motor Speed: 5rpm , 8rpm ,10rpm ,30rpm , 65rpm ,80rpm ,170rpm
Power supply : AC220V / 50HZ
Power: 1W
Direction: Reversible direction


Dimension (57 Stepper Motor)


Dimension(50 AC Motor)

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