The Working Principle Of High Flow Peristaltic Pump, Installation And Tubing Analysis

The working principle of high flow peristaltic pump analysis:

1.Electronic drives the rollers to rotate.
2.Rollers and shells, Squeeze the pump tube.
3.During the rotation of the rollers, the rear end of the pump tube area pressed by the rollers.
4.During the rotation of the rollers, the pump tube area pressed by the rollers. When the rollers are far away, due to elasticity of the pump tube, will return to the shape of a round tube, the pump tube was pressed and return to the shape of a round tube, will create suction, the lower end of the tube is squeezed by the roller and does not conduct, this suction can only draw the liquid at the top of the tube.
5.The rollers keep rotating, this results in continuous liquid entering from the liquid inlet and discharging from the liquid outlet.

The installation and tubing of high flow peristaltic pump:

6.The pump should be placed evenly, reduce vibration and noise.
7.There is a flexible or rigid sub-section where the outlet flange of the peristaltic pump is connected to the pipeline. Easy to change tubes.
8.No need to prime the pump when the pump starts, so the installation height of the pump can be above the material level,and does not require auxiliary pipeline and starting equipment, but the height should not exceed 20 meters.
9.When the conveying medium has high viscosity, many particles, easy deposition and poor fluidity,The pump is generally installed below the material.
10.Using this pump, should try to reduce elbows (Especially the right angle elbows). In general, the diameter of the outlet tube is the same as the diameter of the tube, the diameter of the outlet hose should be 1.2-1.3 times the diameter of the pump tube.
11.The outlet of the pump is not allowed to install a check valve.
12.A pressure gauge should be installed on the peristaltic pump at the pump outlet.
13.The inlet and outlet of the pump are in the same direction as the pump, inlet and outlet are interchangeable, it is up to the user to decide according to the tubing and the actual situation.
14.Electrical installation should install forward and reverse buttons, easy to overhaul, replace the tube and used for self-cleaning.