The spring festival gala of lead fluid

January 14, 2023

All the Lead Fluid people get together

Review 2022 full of challenges and gains

Welcome the 2023 worthy of expectation and expectation

Annual Lead Fluid Spring Festival Gala

It was successfully held in a happy and peaceful atmosphere


Let’s experience the wonderful moment of the scene


Leader’s Speech

Yanfeng Zhang, the chairman of the Lead Fluid, reviewed every bit of the development of Lead Fluid and expounded the “Lead Fluid spirit”, placing hopes and requirements on the future Lead Fluid people.

General Manager Xiaoling Zhang fully affirmed the achievements of the company in 2022, thanked colleagues for their hard work, and made plans for the development in 2023.


Recognition and Encouragement

On the road of development and expansion of Lead Fluid

Without the hard work of every employee

Every effort is worth remembering

All efforts should be crowned with glory

At this moment, crowned every struggling fighter

(Progress Award, Contribution Award, Five-year and Ten-year Employee Award, Excellence Award)


Wonderful Program

The programs brought by colleagues from all departments are wonderful

Dance, song, sketch, magic, etc

Various forms of performance

Presented an audio-visual feast for everyone

It shows the unique style of Lead Fluid people outside of work

Fire shadow dance, funny dance, square dance, table dance and so on. They are wonderful, joyful or unique, which makes the audience have a lot of fun.

The plot is humorous, the language is humorous, and makes people laugh.

The beautiful singing makes people intoxicated

Amazing magic performance

The wonderful program made the audience applaud again and again, and praise again and again


Game Interaction

The performance was wonderful

Game interaction is also fun!

Drink water to break the barrier and clip marbles

Everyone enjoyed themselves and won many prizes


Evening Banquet

The atmosphere was warm

The sound of blessings and the sound of clinking cups come and go


New journey and new starting point

Happy Rabbit Year 

The Spring Festival Gala of Lead Fluid in 2023 came to a successful end!

Thank you for your silent efforts


The Lead Fluid people irrigate the harvest with sweat, and move forward with hard work


We will go hand in hand to create a new brilliance for Lead Fluid