TFD03-01 Split Style Syringe Pump

Short Description:

Flow range:0.005nL/min-152.456uL/min

Max number of channel: 1

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• Lead Fluid TFD03-01 split style syringe pump consists of two parts, controller and execution unit. Exquisite structure, high precision, stable operation.
• The controller and execution unit are separated, through cables connecting, and equipped with fast socket connector, easy to disassemble and assemble. It can be used in conjunction with other instruments and devices, such as brain stereotaxis.
• Execution unit can cooperate with 0.5μL~100μL syringe, which is suitable for various micro-injection.
• Smaller size, easier to clamp


• LF-Touch-OS software system, stable and reliable running, powerful function.
• 4.3 inch color LCD touch screen operation, image of the animation and icon is displayed, and colorful interface ,the commonly used function keys, make the device more easy to use.
• A variety of working mode choice.
• Controller and execution unit split design, easy to installation and fixation.
• Support screen lock, key mute operation.
• Button with indicator light, clearly working state.
• Support a variety of standard syringe, customize syringe.
• High precision control.
• RS485 communication, support the MODBUS protocol.
• External signal control start-stop and direction.
• A wide range of power input.

Technical Parameter

Work mode infuse, withdraw, infuse/withdraw, withdraw/infuse, continuous mode
Channel 1
Stroke of pump 70mm
Advance per microstep 0.1905μm/μstep
Linear speed 0.6096μm/min~91.44mm/min
Linear resolution 0.6096μm/min
Linear travel accuracy error<±0.35%(>30% of pump stroke)
Max rated linear force >1kgf
Thrust regulation 1~100% arbitrary adjustable
Syringe size 0.5μL~100μL
Syringe selection built-in main manufacturers, the main model syringe to choose, Can use custom syringe, direct input syringe size and diameter
Flow range 0.005nL/min~152.456μL/min
Flow calibration through the calibration procedure to obtain more accurate fluid volume
Display mode 4.3-inch color LCD, with screen display and transfusion volume, residual fluid volume, flow, operation display operation status,direction, syringe specification, Animation display operation status
Operation mode touch screen + common function keys
Power-off memory storing the running parameters automatically
Function pause and stop,the sound tip,the lock parameters,fast forward and retreat quickly,display brightness adjustment
State signal output 1 road start-stop status ,1 road direction status
Control signal input 1 road the falling edge triggers start and 1 road the falling edge triggers stop
Communication RS485,Modbus protocol
Controller dimension 245×205×105mm
Execution unit dimension 173×24×52mm
Weight 2+0.25kg (controller + execution uni)
Power supply AC100~240V,50/60Hz
Environment temperature 0~40℃,relative humidity<80%


Reference Table of Syringe Specifications and Flow Rate

Syringe size Syringe ID (mm) Min flow rate (nl/min) Max flow rate (μl/min)
0.5μl 0.103 0.005 0.761
1μl 0.146 0.010 1.531
2μl 0.206 0.020 3.047
5μl 0.3257 0.051 7.618
10μl 0.485 0.112 16.893
25μl 0.729 0.254 38.166
50μl 1.03 0.507 76.190
100μl 1.457 1.016 152.456

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium etc. Above for reference only.


Statement:The final explanation right of above information belongs to Lead Fluid.


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