Standard External Control Interface

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Main function:meet different external control needs

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Lead Fluid standard RS485 interface to meet different external control needs of users.


DB15 No. English annotation Instructions
1 ADC_W Positive terminal of external analog signal input
2 B Communication interface, B end of RS485
3 A Communication interface, A terminal of RS485
4 VCC_W External power input
5 DAC Analog voltage output
6 CW_W External direction signal input terminal
7 PWM Pulse output
8 COM External public land
9 AGND The negative terminal of the external analog signal input
10 +12V Internal +12V power output
11 GND Internal power ground
12 CW Internal direction signal output
13 RS_W External start and stop signal input
14 PWM_W External pulse signal input
15 RS Internal start/stop signal output

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