Pulse Damper

Short Description:

Main function:steady fluid

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Pulse damper is a pressure vessel that contains upside and downside cavities,the upside cavity is full of gas, when fluid is passing by downside cavity, the pulse can be absorbed by impressed gas instantly, corresponding to steady fluid.



The Lead Fluid ZN90 series of pulsation dampers is a pressurized container, the container is divided into two upper and lower chambers. The lower chamber has a fluid to be transported through, and the upper chamber is a gas. Due to the compressibility of the gas and the instantaneous absorption of the pulse, the system can obtain a stable flow and pressure and slow down the pulsation of the pipeline.

Technical Parameters


Model ZN90-PE ZN90-PTFE
Tube 1.6~9.6mm
Connect External thread ~ Pagoda
Volume 180mL
Max pressure 0.3Mpa
Size 90×90×90mm
Shell material PE PTFE
Temperature 0~40℃ 0~80℃
Temperature change <5℃/min <5℃/min
Weight 220g 510g

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