Lead Fluid Peristaltic Pump Used In The Pharmaceutical Industrial

Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps used in the pharmaceutical industrial to be cleaner, more accurate and more efficient. In order to ensure the safety and quality of drugs, the production sites of the pharmaceutical industry must reach the medical sanitation level and be in a sterile, non-polluting environment; the machinery related to the production of drugs must also meet the medical level regulations.

The pharmaceutical process requires that the biologically active substances are not damaged as much as possible in the process of transporting fluids, and the delivery pump is required to have high precision and stability.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps advantages

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has high cleanliness, only aseptic pipes contact materials when transporting fluids, and the hose conforms to the US Food and Drug Administration Standards FDA, which can effectively avoid cross-contamination of fluids during transmission.

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump has a high transmission quantitative accuracy without the aid of a flow meter, which can effectively ensure the stability of the production process and the quality of the product.

Lead Fluid peristaltic pumps can provide efficient and safe solutions for many processes in the pharmaceutical industry:

♦ Biological fermentation

Being able to pump at accurate flow rates or volumes is very important for Bioreactors and a fermentation tank, and Lead Fluid peristaltic pump can be applied to:

» Circulate cell suspension in fermentation.

» Sampling and collection.

» PH control, nutrient solution, defoamer, buffer and other liquid feed in fermentation.

» Extraction and separation of fermentation products such as ultrafiltration, tangential flow filtration, chromatography, clarification, etc.

» Transportation of fermentation broth separation products.

 Recommended model   Lead Fluid BT600S Variable Speed Peristaltic Pump

BT600S variable speed peristaltic pump advantages:

BT600S peristaltic pump adopts imported core processor, driven by high-quality stepper servo motor, and the speed control accuracy is as high as ±0.2%.

Through the Lead Fluid APP software, the pump can be remotely controlled, and the running status can be monitored in real time. RS485 communication, compatible with Modbus protocol, can be connected to the computer, single-chip microcomputer, PLC, inverter, human-machine interface and other upper computers through a variety of signal modes , Realize systematic centralized control.

♦ Drug synthesis and material transfer

There are many SKUs of Lead Fluid peristaltic pump products, which can fully meet the pumping needs of the early stage of research and development to the later stage of mass production:

» Aseptic transportation of raw material solutions.

» Accurately control the feeding speed, dosage and proportion of synthetic raw materials.

» Rapid delivery and packaging of preparations.

Recommended model  Lead Fluid WG600S High Flow Rate Industrial Peristaltic Pump

Lead Fluid WG600S high flow rate industrial peristaltic pump advantages:

WG600S industrial variable speed peristaltic pump is suitable for large-flow liquid transmission in industrial sites. 304 stainless steel shell, effectively prevent the corrosion of organic solution.

It can run at regular intervals and has simple subassembly function, it is driven by a brushless DC motor, free maintenance and has more powerful power. It can be cascaded with double pump heads.

 ♦ High-precision filling

The Lead Fluid peristaltic pump does not need a one-way valve, has a self-locking function, and will not siphon and drip. The filling speed and acceleration/deceleration curve can be customized according to the characteristics of the medicament, so that splashing can be avoided while filling efficiently. Can be applied to:

» Vaccine high-precision potting

» Batch filling of eye drops, oral liquid, etc.

» Buffer filling

» Ampoule filling

Recommended model  Lead Fluid DS600 Peristaltic Pump Filling System

Lead Fluid DS600 peristaltic pump filling system

Lead Fluid DS600 filling system is specially designed for multi-head high-precision liquid filling. The man-machine interface is centrally operated, and each filling head is individually controlled. The accuracy error between the filling heads is <±1%. It can be used with automatic filling production line, or it can be operated manually.

High-quality servo motor or stepper motor drive, stable and efficient operating system and pipelines greatly ensure the filling accuracy, and the intelligent correction system greatly reduces the user’s workload and improves the filling efficiency.