Can Lead Fluid Syringe Pump Be Used In The Electrospinning Industry?

Application of  Lead Fluid syringe pump in high voltage electrospinning, what is the eletrospinning?

High-voltage electrostatic spinning is a special fiber manufacturing process in which polymer solutions or melts are jet-spinned in a strong electric field. Under the action of an electric field, the droplets at the needle will change from a spherical shape to a conical shape (that is, a “Taylor cone”), and the fiber filaments are obtained from the tip of the cone, and finally a non-woven nanofiber is formed on the receiving device.

The fiber made by the electrospinning method is more slender than the fiber made by the traditional spinning method, and the diameter is generally tens to thousands of nanometers.

High-voltage electrospinning nanofibers have a wide range of applications. They can be used as protective clothing, masks, etc. in personal protection; they can be used as resistance sensors, optical sensors, etc. in the sensor field; they can be used as catalysts in the chemical industry; they can be used in the biomedical field. Used in wound dressings, tissue engineering scaffolds, drug carriers, etc.

Can you talk about the role of the syringe pump in high-voltage electrospinning?

The high-voltage electrostatic spinning device is mainly composed of a micro-syringe pump, a syringe, a spinneret, a high-voltage power supply and a receiving device. The spinning solution is extruded from the spinneret by a syringe pump to form droplets. The droplets become cones under the action of high-voltage electricity. After exceeding a certain critical voltage, they are further excited to form jets. The jets vibrate and whip sharply in the air. Move, so as to stretch and refine, and finally settle on the receiving device.

High-voltage electrostatic spinning has strict requirements for syringe pumps. The syringe pumps must operate stably and continuously in a high-voltage electrostatic field environment, and must be resistant to high voltages and anti-static. At the same time, it is required that the syringe pump should also have high accuracy.

And Lead Fluid TYD series syringe pump perfectly meets the requirements of high-voltage electrospinning.

1. Easy to operate: Lead Fluid TYD series syringe pump adopts an integrated desktop design, 4.3-inch high-definition LCD touch screen display operation, simple operation, easy to set the diameter of the syringe pump, spinning solution extrusion speed and flow conditions.

2. More precise: Lead Fluid TYD series syringe pump is equipped with excellent control system and precise mechanical structure, the stroke control accuracy error is less than ±0.35%, can be loaded with 1~10 plastic syringes or glass injection needles, and the flow range is 0.184nl /min-173.718ml/min.

 With the function of flow calibration, the flow can be more matched with the voltage and the action of the spinning receiving device, which helps to form a stable Taylor cone and reduce the fiber diameter.

3. More stable: powerful anti-electromagnetic interference performance, continuous and stable operation under high-voltage electrostatic electric field. Help improve spinning efficiency and reduce fiber diameter.

In addition to being used in high-voltage electrospinning, which industries can the syringe pump be used in?

Syringe pumps can also be used for continuous injection of microfluidic chips, high-precision injection of medicinal liquids in animals, dripping reagents in micro-reactors, capillary sample injection for chromatographs, etc.