KD15 Series ODM Peristaltic Pump

Short Description:

Flow range:388ml/min

Max number of channels:1

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KD15 Series ODM Peristaltic Pump

■Lead Fluid KD15 series peristaltic pump flow range 0.003~194ml/min,KD15 pump head can up to 1-2 channels, flexible combination.

■Parts adopt PVDF material, with excellent chemical corrosion resistance.

■4 rollers and specially designed pressure tube structure make the liquid transfer more stable and lower pulsation.

■Elastic pressure tube device provides accurate, smooth flow and excellent tube life.

■Exquisite and beautiful appearance, compact structure, only small installation space required.

■Matching high-quality steeper motor is an ideal choice precise dosing and discharging liquid to satisfied a wide range of instruments requirement.


Pump Head Flow Rate Parameters

Tube material:Silicone,Pharmed,Viton wall thickness 1.6mm

ID(mm) 0.8 1.6 2.4 3.1 4.8
13# 14# 19# 16# 25#
mL/RPM 0.03 0.15 0.3 0.47 0.97
mL/min(Continuous working maximun100rpm) 3 15 30 47 97
mL/min (Interval working maximum200rpm) 6 30 60 94 194


★ Above parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure ,medium. Above for reference only.


Pump Head Specifications

Channels 1 channel(maximum extensible to 2 channels)
Roller 4
Installation tube method Whole(pipe clamp fixed) / built-in connector(tube ID ≥1.0mm)
Output pressure ≤0.1Mpa
Net weight 120g
Motor stepper motor(42 type, 57 type)


Motor Specification

42 type stepper motor

1 channel


step angle 1.8° \ phase 2 \phase voltage 6.44V \ phase current 0.7A \ phase resistance 9.2Ω±10% \ phase inductor 16mH±20%

57 type stepper motor

1~2 channels


step angle1.8° \ phase 2 \phase voltage 3.9V \ phase current 3A \ phase resistance 1.3Ω±10% \ phase inductor\ 5mH±20%


Dimension(42 type stepper motor)


Dimension (57 type stepper motor)

Tube Life Comparision Table

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