How To Maintain The Transmission Peristaltic Pump?

1、 Cleaning of peristaltic pump shell and hose 

During the use of the peristaltic pump, pay attention to cleaning the pump shell and pump hose. Due to the peristaltic pump is a relatively precise instrument, mainly rely on the pump shell to keep a high-precision gap, so the pump hose has to be squeezed. If the inflowing liquid sticks to the pump shell pressure roller and pressure block and the pump hose due to damage to the pump hose, will change the compression gap of the pump head, even small changes can cause excessive and premature wear of the pump hose.  Seriously, it will affect the pump head and cause damage to the pump head.

2、Regular inspection to prevent damage to pump hose 

When using a peristaltic pump, regularly check the wear of the pump tube. Because the peristaltic pump tubing is a wearing part, once broken, it will cause liquid leakage, therefore, it is necessary to check the surface of the pump in time for early grinding to prevent damage to the pump tube.

3、 Selection of pump hose material

When choosing a peristaltic pump, pay attention to whether the liquid to be transported will corrode the pump hose. Because the material of the pump hose is more, there are also many types of liquids to be transported, no single pump hose can transported all liquids, so you need to confirm the type of liquid, use chemical compatibility tables for comparison or immersion experiments to ensure that the pump hose can be used.