How to improve the working efficiency of peristaltic pump?

In recent years, the rapid development of my country’s food and drug industry, as the standard of the food and drug vehicle manufacturing machinery and equipment industry, the peristaltic pump receives the attention of users, market competition is intensifying. Industry stakeholders said, as a device for pumping fluids, pay attention to high productivity, especially in today’s era of high-speed production.

So, when using the peristaltic pump, how to make it most effectively?

Reduce the rotating speed of peristaltic pump

When using the peristaltic pump, as long as the flow, reduce the speed of the pump to within 300 rpm. The flow of the peristaltic pump is due to rotation of the pump head, the speed is more faster, the longer it is used, the pump with the largest possible diameter can be selected to reduce the speed of the pump.

The choice of peristaltic pump channel

It is recommended to use peristaltic pump dedicated tubing for the pump, use normal pipes for the rest of the channels. Due to the squeezing of the peristaltic pump tube has good compression elasticity and tear resistance, so these pumps are very efficient, high wall thickness and shape accuracy, so the price is high that the channel of the peristaltic. So it is reasonable that ordinary pipe as connecting pipe.

The choice of the parts for connecting tube and the size of the tube diameter

Peristaltic pump’s tube entrance should be short possible, fittings on tube and tube diameter is not should be smaller than the diameter of the tube installed on the pump head. Peristaltic pump suction force is caused by pump tube repulsion, especially if the tube entrance is too long or the diameter is small, inhalation resistance is too large, too much resistance, pump tube rebound blocked, so therefore, the actual traffic flow will be greatly lost. Meanwhile, if the tube entrance is too long or the diameter is small, the discharge pressure of the peristaltic pump is reduced, so, if the discharge resistance is too large, output flow will decrease.

The theoretical flow is more than the actual flow

When chose the peristaltic pump, the theoretical flow is more than the actual flow, preferably more than 30%. Tube is more soft, low negative pressure and discharge pressure, if the liquid being transported has a certain viscosity or the pipe has a certain length, maybe cause loss of actual traffic. To achieve the desired flow selection, the theoretical flow is more than the actual flow.

Keep the pump housing and tube clean 

When using a peristaltic pump, pay attention to cleaning up the debris on the pump housing and pump tube. Because it is the more sophisticated instruments, so keep the high precision spacing maintained by the pump housing, to achieve efficient squeeze pump, damage to the pump tube lead to liquid inflow pump housing pressure wheel, pressure block and pump tube, pump head squeeze interval may vary. Small changes can also cause excessive early wear of the pump tubing, serious impact on the pump. Maybe lead to damage to the pump head.

Regularly check the pump tube for damage

When the peristaltic pump is used, the damage of the pipeline should be checked regularly.

Due to pump tube is easily damaged parts, once damaged, liquid maybe leak, therefore, the pump should be checked immediately for early wear, to prevent the surface of the pump table from being damaged by the pump.

The choice of Pump tube material

When choosing a peristaltic pump, pay attention to whether the liquid to be transported corrodes the pump tube. Due to the many materials of the pump tube and type of liquid to be transported, so no pump tube to withstand all liquids, so check the type of liquid,comparison or immersion experiments by chemical common tables, make the pump tubing available.