How to choose a peristaltic pump motor ?

Stepper Motor Peristaltic Pump

The flow accuracy of the stepper motor is generally 3-5%, can not be calibrated in any time. Generally speaking, it is set a speed frequency, make it run by itself, no feedback system. And then, use temperature will be higher, about 80℃. This is normal, so when it is used, you can see it burn, don’t feel bad. Peristaltic pumps with stepper motors also change with flow elements. Under normal circumstances, events become increasingly inaccurate. The above three are the characteristics of the stepper motor crawling pump, so you must choose according to your own habits.

DC Motor Peristaltic Pump

Generally speaking, DC motors are DC servo motors. in this type of motor, it is divided into brushed DC servo motor, Brushless DC Motor. Peristaltic pumps with brushed DC motors are generally cheaper, convenient speed regulation. The disadvantage is that regular maintenance is required. This type of pump is generally used in industry and civil use. For example, Brushless DC motor with good click quality, intelligent control, no protection required, fast response, good precision, but relatively expensive.

AC Motor Peristaltic Pump

AC motors are similar to brushless DC motors, high quality, but the price is relatively expensive. Research institutes, schools, the whole system, High flow accuracy requirements, suitable for strict flow requirements AC Motor Peristaltic Pumps and Brushless DC Motor Peristaltic Pumps.