How To Handle And Protect Stainless Steel Peristaltic Pump Drivers?

Peristaltic pumps, also known as hose pumps, are widely used in industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical and mining related fields. The industrial hose pumps of Lead Fluid include WT300S high-torque speed-regulating peristaltic pump, WT600S high-torque speed-regulating peristaltic pump, WG600S industrial speed-regulating peristaltic pump, WT300F distribution type intelligent peristaltic pump, etc. The peristaltic pump driver is one of the three major components of the pump. According to different applications, its material is different. Today, i will introduce to you how the stainless steel driver is usually handled and prevented.

Introduction of industrial hose pumps 

WG600S industrial hose pumps are suitable for large-flow liquid transmission in industrial places. Driven by brushless DC motor, maintenance-free, stronger power. With basic functions such as start-stop, forward and reverse rotation, full speed, speed regulation, state memory, etc. It can be cascaded with dual pump heads. RS485 communication, compatible with Modbus protocol, it is easier to connect with other control equipment such as computer, man-machine interface, PLC, etc.

Stainless steel surface treatment method: 

According to the complexity of stainless steel products and user requirements, the mirror gloss can be obtained by mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods respectively. (after using for a long time)

Pay attention to wipe, you can wipe the whole after use to ensure the overall smoothness.