DH10 Series ODM Peristaltic Pump

Short Description:

Flow range: ≤13.9mL/min

Max number of channels: 4

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Product Details

■ Lead Fluid DH10 series pump head single channel flow up to13.9 mL/min,suitable for wall thickness 0.8~1mm, ID 0.13~3.2mm Silicone, Pharmed, PVC etc. material tube.

■ 12 rollers design makes the transmission pulse smaller and higher accuracy.

■ 1-4 channels are optional, and the pressure tube clearance of multiple channels can be individually adjusted, and the flow accuracy ± 1%.

■ Adopts Spring-Loading structure , the appropriate output pressure is obtained by adjusting the spring pressure system, the service life of tube is greatly prolonged.

■ The machine is made of super strong materials with good mechanical properties,high temperature and chemical resistance, compact and beautiful appearance.

■ Matching stepper motor, suitable for all kinds of precision analytical instruments.


Pump Head Material

Base, Bracket Aluminum alloy
Roller shaft SS304
Roller, press block PEI


Flow Rate Parameter

Tube material:Silicone, Pharmed, PVC

Wall thickness 0.86~1mm

ID(mm) 0.25 1 1.52 2 2.4 3. 2
mL/rpm 0.0038 0.043 0.06 0.09 0.139 0.13
mL/min (continuous working max100rpm) 0.38 4.3 6 9 13.9 13

★ Above flow parameters are obtained by transferring pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium etc. Above for reference only.



Flow range: ≤13.9ml/min

Spedd range :0.1~100rpm

Tube size :Wall thickness 0.8~1mm, ID 0.13~3.2mm

Channel: 1~4

Roller :12

Pressure tube clearance: Adjustable spring

Motor: 57 stepper motor

Transmission pressure: ≤0.1MPa

Working environment: Temperature 0~40℃,humidity<80%

Dimension: 121X85X92mm(4 Channels)


Motor Speicification

57 stepper motor

step angle 1.8° \ phase2 \ phase voltage3.9V \ phase current3A \ phase resistance1.3Ω±20% \phase inductor 5.0mH±20%

Insulation class : 1≥100MΩ

Wiring definition: red line-A, green line-C , yellow line-B, blue line-D


Dimension (4 channels)


Tube Life Comparison Table


Important tips:

A.For longer tube life, choose thicker wall tube and low speed.

B.For larger flow,choose larger ID tube and in high speed.

C.For higher precision, choose smaller ID tube and medium to high speed.

D.For higher suction and back pressure,choose thinner ID and thicker wall tube and low speed Statement:The final explanation right of above information belongs to Lead Fluid.

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