DF Series Solenoid Valve Control Box

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The DF series solenoid valve control box is matched with Lead Fluid laboratory syringe pump to complete the automatic conversion of the transmission liquid path. The product is divided into single and double roads. It has the advantages of accurate commutation, short time, zero leakage, long life.


The pipeline installation is convenient and quick.

The solenoid valve has a variety of materials to choose and has strong chemical resistance.

It is for small flow, low viscosity applications.

Can be used with equipment, instruments, and laboratories.

Product model DF01-E DF01-F DF02-E DF02-F
Tube connect interface 1/4-28 Thread
Tube diameter 1.52mm
Cv flow coefficient 0.035
Internal volume <67ul
Work pressure <0.3Mpa
Number of channels 1 2
Maximum viscosity 35cst(Suitable for low viscosity liquids)
Solenoid valve body material PEEK
Solenoid valve sealing material EPDM Rubber EPDM Rubber
Suitable liquid General liquid Strong acid strong alkali General liquid Strong acid, strong alkali
Action response time <20ms
Liquid temperature -10℃-+100℃
Working temperature 0-+40℃
External control interface DC5-24V, 2 channels of signal, each channel can be controlled separately
Voltage AC85-264V 50/60HZ
Consumption <10W
Dimensions (L x W x H)98x166x119mm
Pump head weight 0.76kg 0.81kg

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