China Microflow Variable-Speed Peristaltic Pump Manufacturers and Suppliers

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Microflow variable-speed peristaltic pump manufacturers in China focus on producing pumps with high precision and reliability. They utilize advanced manufacturing technologies and equipment to ensure the pumps meet the stringent requirements of microflow applications.Our Lead Fluid Manufacturer, offer a wide range of microfluidic peristaltic pumps in different specifications to meet the needs of different industries. These pumps often feature adjustable speed controls, allowing users to fine-tune flow rates to their specific requirements.

Flow Range: 0.0035~34ml/min

Working time:0.1~999 S/Min/H/D

Speed accuracy:<±0.2%

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• Dustproof and moisture-proof circuit board design, external control signal supports 5-24V wide voltage input, super anti-interference characteristic.
• Using the cortex m3 core processor, the running speed is fast and the device speed accuracy is high.
• Design of injection housing, effectively prevent the erosion of various organic solvents, easy to clean.
• LCD display, switching between Chinese-English interface, simple parameter setting, intuitive state display.
• Open multiple control parameters, suitable for ODM custom applications.
• Mobile App remote control (optional), the remote pump operation can be realized by using Lead Fluid APP software.
It also has monitoring functions such as operating status (optional).
• locked rotor alarm, leakage alarm (optional). And send the alarm signal to your mobile APP, remind you to deal withit in time, avoid unnecessary losses.
• RS485 communication, MODBUS protocol is available, easy to connect with other equipments.
• The hose life alarm function dynamically calculates the remaining service life of the hose and reminds you to replace the hose in time.
• Added slow stop function to make the equipment run more reliable.
• Start/stop, reversible direction, full speed and adjust speed, state memory (power-down memory).
• The type of external speed control signal (voltage or current) can be switched on the control panel.
• External analog adjust speed, external control start-stop, reversible direction, external control signal physical

BQ80S Applicable Pump Head and Tube, Flow Parameters

Above flow parameters are obtained by using silicone tube to transfer pure water under normal temperature and pressure, in actually using it is effected by specific factors such as pressure, medium etc. Above for reference only.


BQ80S speed-variable peristaltic pump in the previous generation on the basis of the appearance design optimization and product function upgrade, low flow rate of 0.001-32ml/min,
speed accuracy<±0.2%, added mobile phone App remote control, locked rotor alarm, leakage
alarm and smart functions, human-computer interaction more friendly.BQ80S is used for precise transmission of small flow liquids and high precision dispensing, suitable for instrument
matching and laboratory use.

Technical Parameters


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