WSP3000 High Precision Microliter Peristaltic Pump

Lead Fluid WSP3000 microliter peristaltic pump is mainly used for high-precision filling of various aqueous solutions. Typical applications include: • Immunodiagnosis • Biochemical diagnosis • Vaccines • Microbial detection • Tumor markers • Gene sequencing • Proteomics related reagents, etc.

The peristaltic pump has the characteristics of high precision and high accuracy. In addition to the requirements for precision and accuracy in these related industry applications, there are also very important requirements for high efficiency and automation, which are also widely faced problems that need to be solved.


♦ The structure of the rotating pressure tube brings a very high work efficiency, and the filling efficiency can reach 120 bottles/min.

♦ Filling times are 0 (infinite loop) ~ 9999 times.

♦ The lower limit of the filling volume can reach 1μl, and the upper limit can reach 3000μl . High filling efficiency, a wide range of canning times, to meet your needs for efficiency.

♦ 7-inch high-definition color touch screen can clearly see the current operating parameters and working status; the man-machine interface can also directly input the liquid volume parameters, which is simple to operate and has a good human-computer interaction experience.

♦ Modular design, easy to expand, small size, multiple pumps can be cascaded to form a multi-channel filling system, the upper limit can support 16-channel cascade.

♦ It can be operated manually or used with an automatic production line, with more flexible operation methods, more choices, and improved user experience.

Even in the case of 16-channel cascading, it can maintain a unified rhythm and high efficiency, helping users to improve economic benefits.

The efficient technology of the WSP3000 microliter peristaltic pump will become the development trend of micro-flow filling in the future.