Why Industrial Peristaltic Pumps Are Widely Used?

The peristaltic pump is a peristaltic pump hose capable of cultivating various specifications. It has strong power, adjustable flow pressure, large delivery flow range,  stable flow, and continuous stepless speed regulation. It does not need to contact the outside when transferring fluids, which can effectively prevent contamination of the fluids being transferred. Therefore, it is widely used in the production and experiments of various industrial manufacturers, colleges, hospitals and scientific research laboratories.


Industrial peristaltic pumps have the ability to select flow rates and deliver precisely the amount of fluid needed


It can set the working time, can run intermittently in a continuous cycle, and automatically calculate the flow and conveying volume. When the infusion volume reaches the preset volume, it will automatically sound an alarm.

Power-off protection 

The industrial peristaltic pump also has a power-off data protection function. After the work stops and shuts down, it can continue to use the set data last time when it is turned on again.

The industrial peristaltic pump has the characteristics of stable performance, reliability and long-term continuous operation, and can complete the intuitive Chinese, digital display and quantitative functions that ordinary peristaltic pumps cannot complete, and is easy to use.

Working principle of industrial peristaltic pump

The peristaltic pump completes the fluid delivery by squeezing the hose through the rotating roller. Because the fluid to be conveyed only flows in the hose and does not contact with the pump body driver and other components, the possibility of contamination is effectively avoided. Moreover, the material of the hose has been strictly selected, and the non-toxic, wear-resistant, tear-resistant and corrosion-resistant sanitary silicone tube is used, which meets the GMP standard for pharmaceutical production and the FDA standard for food production. There are also special peristalsis for special liquids The pump tube can effectively prevent the corrosion of the peristaltic pump tube with acid, alkali or organic solvents.

Industrial peristaltic pump features

1. No pollution

2. Durable because the liquid only touches the pump tube

3. Suitable for various industrial or laboratory conditions Easy to clean 

4. Return to work with a simple replacement of the pump tubing

5. Gentle, low shear flow for liquids, gases, two-phase flow, and highly viscous fluids          

     Simple maintenance

6. No seals, no valve self-priming

7. Dry spinning and self-priming