Why Choose Peristaltic Pumps In The Food And Beverage Industry

Peristaltic pumps are widely used in the food processing industry to support CIP and SIP. Peristaltic pumps are ideal for pumping food and liquids cleanly. Such as chocolate sauce, salad dressing dispensing, juice production pizza sauce dispensing. Gentle suction works well for shear stress-sensitive media and volatile gaseous media, the peristaltic pump allows cleaning of the line without the need to disassemble the pump, saving time and reducing costs. Since the transfer medium is completely contained within the tube, the tube pump has no risk of bacterial growth nor any dead spots where bacteria can accumulate. The suction action means that the tube can be cleaned sufficiently and the pump can discharge itself. The hygienic food-grade tubing can be sterilized using all normal methods, including radiation, steam and chemical solutions, allowing local, validated aseptic processes and sterilization, and the only parts of the tubing that touch are easily replaced, keeping routine sterilization costs to a minimum.

Advantages of food grade peristaltic pumps?

In order to ensure the quality of products and prevent food contamination during production and processing, the design of food factories must strictly follow food laws and regulations regarding the environment, production equipment, processing technology and process, inspection equipment, storage and transportation requirements and other conditions. Food processing hygiene requires that materials be kept in a safe, hygienic and non-contaminated environment from start to finish. Equipment requirements The selection of equipment and tools must ensure product quality, safety and hygiene, and should be non-toxic, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean and easy to disinfect. Equipment and pipes should be kept clean, and the residues in equipment and pipes should be removed regularly to prevent mildew.

1. From the perspective of filling mechanical pipeline design, the peristaltic pump has good self-sealing performance, and the design of the system pipeline is relatively simple;

2. In terms of sanitation level of filling equipment, peristaltic pumps rely on squeezing hoses for liquid transmission, which is of a higher sanitation level, which is unmatched by most other pump products;

3. In the maintenance of the filling equipment, the transfer pump only needs to replace the hose on time, and all other components are maintenance-free, which can reduce the user’s cost of use;

4. From the perspective of the flexible design of the filling equipment, different flow rate ranges can be achieved by replacing different hoses, so the filling equipment using the peristaltic pump scheme can adapt to a variety of different filling volumes without changing the structure of the equipment. Do a multi-purpose machine.

5. Peristaltic tube pumps have no seals or valves that could cause blockages, which means they are hygienic and reliable pumps. Tube pumps are self-priming and idling, helping to reduce maintenance time and costs.

Lead Fluid food grade filling peristaltic pumps

1. DS600-X peristaltic pump filling system

Highly accurate and repeatable metering ensures that quality is always a high standard

Semi-manual manual operation, it is recommended to use Lead Fluid filling system peristaltic pump can also be used for multiple channels.

The color touch screen is simple and convenient to input filling parameters, multiple parameters are displayed on one screen at the same time, which is intuitive.

The peristaltic liquid pump has a variety of functions such as slow start, slow stop, suck back, stop filling for lack of bottles, signal feedback, etc., to ensure the high precision and reliability of the dispensing.

The multi-channel filling system can individually control the parameters and operation of each channel and it can either dispense the same liquid volume at the same time, or dispense different liquid volumes at the same time.

Each dispensing channel can be individually calibrated and fine-tuned online to ensure the long-term stability of the dispensing accuracy.

Strong compatibility, can be matched with various types of upper computers (such as PLC, man-machine, single-chip microcomputer, frequency converter, contact switch, etc.).

Powerful circuit anti-interference ability, even if other large-scale equipment runs together, it can filter out various invalid signals such as grid harmonics and induced static electricity.

2. OEM peristaltic pump, we can customize the peristaltic pump according to your requirements.

OEM peristaltic pumps are available on the manufacturer’s own devices. These small peristaltic pumps can be used in vending machines and are easy to maintain for quick tube changeovers and the option of multiple heads.